Gaming Inspired Vacation: 5 Of the Best Destinations to Visit

5 Of the Best Destinations to Visit

The world of gaming has changed completely in the last few years. In the past, we were limited to 2D games based on worlds we could never imagine. Now, gaming has become far more realistic and game developers like to show off their amazing skills by basing some of their games in real-life locations. These locations are places that you can visit, which makes the accuracy of their creations that much more important. Here are some of the best locations that inspired games that you must visit right now.

London – Watch Dogs Legion

Released in 2020, this game has gained a lot of popularity due to its open-world experience. Watch Dogs Legion takes you all around London and allows you to check out some of its most popular locations and interact with NPCs that reflect the London attitude. London is a great holiday destination as there is a lot you can do and see. You could even check out some of the landmarks that were explored as a part of the Watch Dogs gameplay.

California – GTA IV

With the announcement that GTA will be appearing on new-gen consoles, it has regained a lot of popularity once again. If you are someone that wants to get back into the game, but you do not have the patience to start again, you can grab modded GTA 5 accounts for PS4 here. Something that you may not know is that GTA V is actually based in California, which is apparent with the Beverly Hills and other big Californian landscapes. California is a great holiday destination for anyone that enjoys lounging in the sun and heading to the strip with their friends.

Greece – Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed Odyssey has allowed us to get an insight into what it would be like to live in an ancient civilisation. Assassins Creed is based in Greece and covers a lot of ancient kingdoms, such as Carthage and Mycenae. Though these places are not standing like they once were, there are remains of these civilisations that you can go and visit right now. If you are not interested in the historical parts of Greece, then you can holiday and check out some of the beautiful scenery that Greece has to offer and who knows, maybe you will come across somewhere from the game.

Moscow – Call of Duty

Call of Duty has explored a lot of locations throughout the years, and in Call of Duty Cold War, you can walk through the streets of Moscow, all while shooting and hunting down your enemies. Several maps show different parts of Moscow and what they looked like during the Cold War. Of course, they do not look the same today and as of right now, Moscow is actually a very welcoming place with a lot of rich history that just needs to be explored. Moscow is great for romantic getaways in the winter, so it is not too late to book a trip right now.

New York – Spider-man

The newest installment of the Spiderman games follows a young teen called Myles Morales, who is the latest version of the hero Spiderman. Throughout the game, you learn about your Spiderman abilities and explore the many places that can be found within New York. A vacation to New York is on absolutely everybody’s bucket list, so if you have the chance to go, why not treat yourself to a vacation to the big apple. You may even stumble across some of the locations used within the gameplay itself.

5 Must-See Holiday Destinations That You Can Fly to Right Now

5 Must-See Holiday Destinations That You Can Fly to Right Now

Now that the world has opened back up, you will be happy to know that a lot of the countries we have been forced to keep away from, have now opened their borders. This means that you can finally escape your country and go out and see the world. However, with such a big world to choose from, it may feel impossible to choose your next holiday destination.  Do you go somewhere hot? Do you go somewhere cultured? It can be impossible to decide. To help move your decision along, here are 5 must-see holiday destinations that you can fly to right now.  

1. England

If you want a complete change from your usual scenery, where is more different to Australia than England? It is literally on the other side of the world, and though it can’t offer you good weather, it can offer you great times. England is full of culture and it is extremely easy to travel from one side of the country to another. If you want to experience the liveliness of the country, visit somewhere like London. However, if you want a fun beach getaway, you can visit somewhere like Cornwall. The opportunities are endless.  

2. Fiji  

If you want a holiday somewhere hot and beautiful, then you have to look into visiting Fiji. Fiji is surrounded by beautiful blue waters and white sand beaches, which makes it the ideal holiday destination for anyone desperate for a getaway. What makes this country so appealing is the fact that it is actually incredibly close to Australia, which means plane tickets are not that expensive.  Due to the fact, Fiji is so close and you probably haven’t been on holiday for a while, you could even afford to hire a private charter plane for yourself and your friends. If you want to do this in an affordable way, we recommend that you employ the aviation services from casair, as the company offers chartered flights at affordable prices.  

3. America

If you want to go on an extended trip, we recommend that you travel through the many states of America. Every state is different, and each has its own fantastic form of entertainment. If you are a gambling fan, why not head to Las Vegas? If you have always wanted to visit Broadway, then you can take a trip to New York. There is so much to do and you’ll never be able to experience it all.  

4. France

If you are someone with a significant other, you have likely spent a lot of time together during the lockdown. Living with someone twenty-four hours a day can really strain your relationship and so you may be due a much-needed romantic getaway. It is hard not to fall in love in France and going there is bound to bring you closer as a couple. If you are single, why not bring some of your friends with you to drink wine and eat some delicious meals? 

5. Ibiza

After the year that we have all had, it is hard to deny that we don’t deserve to party. Why not visit one of the biggest holiday destinations in the world and let your hair down? Ibiza has some of the best nightclubs in the world, that play some amazing music. You can also attend one of the many boat parties that are held every day and make friends with like-minded people from all over the world.  You are bound to leave with a hangover, but you will also have plenty of memories that you will never forget.